Thursday, 23 October 2008

VW Camper USB Memory Stick

The Volkswagen Camper USB memory stick is easily the sweetest little thing I have ever seen in my life, and is one of those rare things: a novelty with a purpose. Smaller than the die-cast models, and more useful, too. It is also a cause for much amusement at the office or computer desk: not only do the wheels move, but the lights flash during the transfer of data. I was about to ask “who needs a computer for fun when you’ve got one of these?”, but really, you do need a computer to fully use and appreciate it.
It also looks quite smart sitting on a desk, much more attractive than your average memory stick. Even the packaging is unique: it comes in a clear box with a cardboard base that has a bird’s eye view of a beach, as though the VW is parked on the sands; it actually seems a shame to take it out of the box. It also comes with a USB extension lead in case of inconveniently placed sockets.
These die-cast models are officially VW licensed, and are available in red or green, in 256MB or 1GB. There are also VW Beetle versions in pink or blue They can be bought from websites such as,, and has the best offer with a red 1GB camper van at £17.99, otherwise price-wise you are looking at around £20 or more.
My only tiny little niggles are that the USB plug sticks permanently out of the back, with a clear plastic cover that slips over it, instead of the plug sliding into the body of the van; and the back wheels seem to be disproportionably bigger than those on the front. As such, from the back it does not look quite so cute, but when its face is that adorable, who is going to look at the back?

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