Monday, 23 June 2008

Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures - Wii

Having fallen for the quaint charms of Lego Star Wars and the rough charms of Indiana Jones, it seemed a natural progression that I invest in the Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures trilogy.
I’m no pugilist, but not since Wii Sports boxing has fighting been so much fun. From ducking and diving to throwing the furniture and the bad guys around, it’s quite a lot of work for people who are only an inch tall.
At the beginning and end of each game stage, there are movie clips from the surrounding game, but of course, all the actors are Lego-people, and at times it is even more hilarious than having proper actors play the scenes out. Maybe instead of a fourth Indy movie, they could have done the Lego Indiana Jones Trilogy Movie.
It is not necessary to start at Raiders of the Lost Ark and work your way through to The Last Crusade, however the three have to be played chronologically within themselves. The controls are the same as in the Star Wars game, so for those already acquainted it is simple to master; but as for those not acquainted, it is still simple to master.
I must admit that some of the challenges had me befuddled for a while, but once in the correct mindset of the archaeologist it is fairly easy to figure out. Ask yourself: what would Indy do? Normally, the answer is shoot or blow something up. Problem solved. Don’t panic, it’s not all that simple.
The characters are adorable yet feisty. Marion Ravenwood joins in the punch-ups with gusto, and I never thought I would say this, but Henry Jones Snr is especially cute.
Almost everything lying around or hanging from a wall can be made use of. At one stage Indy can ride a camel if he so wishes, which probably explains that dream I had last night. Of course the famous whip can be put to good use, whether it be to swing across a crevice or grab hold of things just out of reach. However, as with the missed potential to use the Wiimote as a free-hand lightsaber in the Star Wars game, sadly it is the same case here with the whip.
Overall, though, it is an entertaining, laugh out loud, amusing game; and isn’t that what gaming is all about?

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