Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Wii fit

The last time I laughed so much was...alright, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much.
However I do remember the last time I moved so much: it was January 2007 when I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Wii (I hadn't wanted one until after Christmas when I saw my nephew's in action).
Fast forward 16 months and Wii Fit arrived, and proved to be yet another marvellous distraction from serious university studies.
Now we all have the chance to be the new Eddie the Eagle, only better. The ski-jumping balance game fulfils a wish of mine, and I don't have to contend with 206 broken bones afterwards. However some of the novelty is lost as your balance monitor is in the top right corner, so all my time was spent looking up there when really I should be enjoying the action.
The slalom is more involved, and it's much easier to simply ski straight down the centre at speed rather than attempt to navigate the obstacle course.
Another highlight in the balance games is heading the footballs. Before the balls, football boots and panda heads start flying all of the Miis are shown jogging on the spot in their footie kit to warm up, then the fun begins.
Tightrope tension is also very diverting. From the Miis of my family and friends watching with bated breath as I creep across the wire, to the frustration of failing and having to do it all over again.
The aerobic exercises also use the Miis. My parents throw hula-hoops at me, my Mum and my four year old nephew overtake me while I'm out jogging (the latter I can understand, but the former - aargh!), and our family friends join us on stage as we perform a step-dance routine to a crowd of adoring fans.
Even the yoga can bring on fits of laughter (no pun intended). My impression of Del-boy falling through the bar while attempting the one-legged tree pose has been the high point so far.
After that, any laughter is purely ironic as the poor scores are displayed on our 40" TV screen for everyone passing our front window at rush hour to see.
The muscle workouts prove to be more challenging, and less amusing to watch or do. Time flies while playing Wii Fit, and it does not feel like exercise until the next morning when you can barely move after a long session. Locked games and workouts are unlocked surprisingly quickly, but it takes rather longer to get a four star rating in any of them.
The technology behind the game is undoubtedly impressive. The balance board's sensors are incredibly sensitive, and don't let me get away with anything.
Anyway, what am I doing writing about Wii Fit when I can be playing on it?! I'm off to do my Eddie the Eagle - no...not Eddie the Eagle...I'm...Catherine the Crane! Here I go...

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