Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Apple iTouch - 32GB

Much as I grew to loathe the Apple Macs while at university, I have fallen for the iTouch faster than Romeo fell for Juliet.
Having waited a long time and not bought one, my patience was rewarded by the release of the 30GB version, as the smaller memory iTouches would have been too small.
My brother has recently became the proud owner of a Blackberry through his work company, but beside the iTouch it looks like the bricks the elite few had in the 1970s.
The iTouch is much sleeker, more space-age. It is also much more fun to use. Touch, slide, touch, slide touch, enjoy. Indeed many hours of enjoyment can be derived from the waif-like device before any media has been uploaded.
Of course it is when such media has been uploaded that the real entertainment commences. Scrolling through your music collection has not been so enthralling since the height of 12” vinyl records, when people knew how to make album covers.
In a way, the same principle goes with the iTouch. Album covers can be scrolled through at the flick of a finger, and while seeing the cover of Bat Out Of Hell on a 3.5” screen is not as breathtaking as on a 12” vinyl, it looks good nonetheless.
As television shows are now available for download through iTunes, hopefully the movies will follow, although the hard part will be deciding what to keep when the space runs out. The picture is good, the sound clear, but watching the battle of Helm’s Deep on the small screen does not quite have the same wow factor. Also your eyes may end up permanently crossed should you wish to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on the iTouch.
It is also a wonderful little photo album. Now I can take all of my favourite photographs anywhere, and at a decent size and resolution. Now I can gaze with a dream-like grin at the photo of Mum and myself with the actor David Hyde Pierce wherever I take the iTouch, and as it does everything except the washing up, I am guaranteed to take it everywhere.
However there are minor issues with the iTouch, namely that some websites take a while to load, the finicky miniature keyboard takes a while to master - and I have slim fingers - , and connecting it to a wireless account can sometimes be tricky. To keep it clean, one either has to sand off their fingerprints, or have a cloth to hand.
Also, battery life varies depending on the functions performed. It can last for weeks if it is solely used as an alarm clock, however this is very unlikely due to the novel nature of the gadget, and watching a 40 minute television programme can drain the battery by more than half.
Nevertheless, after having the iTouch for a week, I came to the realisation that I no longer need a computer. I can check and reply to my email, surf the internet, check the weather, download songs from iTunes; I can even create word documents on the Notes and email them.
Theoretically, I now only need a computer to print something out, download a video from iTunes, or play on The Sims 2; and Apple are sure to figure out a way to put all of these features on the iTouch. Maybe some way to transfer photographs directly from a camera or memory card would also eliminate any need for a computer.
Until then, I’m afraid Windows still has the monopoly on my core computing loyalty.

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